Election Results


The local elections in Welwyn Hatfield took place on May 22nd. Two seats were up for grabs in our vicinity; one in Panshanger and one in Haldens.

Here are the election results from WHBC:


Name of Candidate Description Votes Elected
Bower, Harry The Conservative Party Candidate 497
Chander, Simon David Labour Party Candidate 589 E
Groom, Susan The Green Party candidate 149
Southgate, James Edward UK Independence Party (UKIP) 446
Ward, Sandra Liberal Democrats 105

The turnout was 36.2% of the eligible population.


Name of Candidate Description Votes Elected
Arch, Jonathan Robert Sanders Liberal Democrats 97
Chigwangwa, Joshua Murombo Labour Party Candidate 328
Daley, Laura Katherine UK Independence Party (UKIP) 420
Knight, Mark Jonathan The Green Party candidate 105
Trigg, Roger The Conservative Party Candidate 760 E

The turnout was 33.6% of theĀ  eligible population.

Long standing Panshanger Cllr Trigg was re-elected and new Cllr David Chander was elected for Haldens (Mr Chander lives in Panshanger).

Both of these councillors stated at our public meeting a few days before the election that they would oppose the proposal to build on the airfield site and surrounds, we very much welcome that approach.

As we know the housing proposals are currently being reviewed by the council, there are valid concerns that as well as the loss of the airfield, vital infrastructure to support any new homes will not be set in stone in any new plan. Having our councillors actively representing our views will be key this year, as the council finalises its plans for Panshanger. It has struck many people lately how busy Moors Walk shops now are, and the scramble for parking that is now a feature, you can only image the congestion and other problems 700+ new homes will no doubt cause, if built.

This issue has become even more important in recent weeks as the leader of the council, speaking at a meeting in North Mymms, has been talking about the DCLG housing projections which indicate a figureĀ  of 16,000 new homes by 2029 may soon be the housing target across Welwyn Hatfield, over twice the current number. What hope for Panshanger and any green space near it?

You can download the election information from the council here:

Panshanger Ward candidates

Haldens Ward candidates

Below is a list of our local polling stations:

The European Parliament elections also take place on the 22nd. The once every five years opportunity to vote in our MEP’s for the East of England. None of the candidates live in our area, but if they want our vote they should be telling us what they stand for.

Here is the list of all candidates standing for our region: Eastern region candidates 2014

The East of England Euro election resulted in the following 7 MEP’s winning a seat in the EU Parliament:

  1. Stuart Agnew UKIP [EFD]
  2. David Campbell Bannerman Conservative [ECR]
  3. Vicky Ford Conservative [ECR]
  4. Richard Howitt Labour [S&D]
  5. Geoffrey Van Orden Conservative [ECR]
  6. Patrick O’Flynn UKIP [EFD]
  7. Tim Aker UKIP [EFD]