“Panshanger Airport” in 1956

The wonderful old film clip linked to below is from the website of British Pathe. It shows the airfield as it was and the green fields of Panshanger from above. This part of WGC has seen virtually no development at all at this point in time. The first phase of Panshanger didn’t get going until about ten years later.

For a few minutes the film transports us back to a bygone era with the characteristic tone of Pathe and their boundlessly optimistic RP commentary in the style of Mr Chumley-Warner. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. Note the reference to “Panshanger Airport”!


POLICE FLYING CLUB – a short film from British Pathe

Click on the picture to go to the clip, remember to turn on your speakers!

As we know the airfield is now under threat of development, you can read a recent newspaper article featuring comments from our MP about that here. The issue is also featured in greater detail elsewhere on this site, please have a look.