Pre-election flyer to Panshanger residents

Landing on a doormat near you!

Landing on a doormat near you!

With one of the three Panshanger ward councillors up for re-election in just over 4 months here is what seems to be the opening salvo of the assault on our letterboxes in Panshanger. It raised many eyebows and looks of astonishment among the Panshanger People committee.  Come the May election we urge people to make informed choices about who they vote for, based on fact and track record. To that end we point out a few facts below to counter the possibly misleading impression the above flyer may give:

  •  The headline ‘Our Opposition to build on the airfield site still has time to be heard’  – At this point this group has heard nothing from Cllr’s Bennett or Johnson about where they stand on the airfield proposal, we lobbied all councillors about it when the consultation was open but heard nothing from them. Cllr Trigg, one third of the ‘Conservative Team for Panshanger’ who sent out the flyer, voted in the Panshanger 700 homes proposal as  member of the council cabinet in October 2012. The alternative option that would have included housing in Brookmans Park, Cuffley, and Welham Green,  which could have greatly reduced the Panshanger figure, was not chosen by him or any of his colleagues. The Cabinet Minutes can be found here. He may have had a change of heart on this for the moment, but the next key vote on all this is will be after the May election of course.


  • As the Core Strategy and housing proposals plan moves forward we will be covering developments on this website. Many people have told us how difficult it is to find anything on the council’s own website so we will make sure all the relevent information and links are clearly presented here. According to the Council’s website none of the three councillors have a website of their own on which to update residents. Although that may change in the election run-up of course – they have appeared prior to elections in the past. The 1400 name petition that is mentioned on the flyer had nothing to do with any of the councillors, and was not promoted or supported by them at the time, as far as we know.


  • The final statement “Supporting your concerns by campaigning  against building homes on the airfield” is very welcome. We look forward t0 their campaining,  as our representatives in Panshanger they should have picked up the ball on this a year ago. Making claims and promises in the run to an election isn’t enough, we need action and pro-active lobbying so that the views of local groups and people are effectively heard at the local government level.


  • The revised version of the Core Strategy is currently being written. We want all our councillors to contribute to that process, in their capacity as our representatives.  Panshanger representatives need to counter other councillors who may be quite happy to see 700 homes dropped on Panshanger. While other green field sites in other parts of the borough, that are both available and suitable, escape the spotlight. As has been the case so far.


  • Panshanger People is happy to work with any councillor, existing or new,  regardless of party, who genuinely wants to speak out for Panshanger and give our area a voice within the local council decision making process. We want to work with anyone who will help ensure that Welwyn Hatfield’s final local plan is fair, sustainable, and representative of  the view of most Panshanger residents.