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Bericot Way care home proposal:

Quantum's aeriel view of the site

Quantum’s aeriel view of the site


September 2014: The plans for a residential home on Bericot Way have re-emerged, and have been updated following the feedback from the previous planning application.

A letter has been going out to selected nearby residents which informs of a meeting where the new proposals will be presented to councillors. This takes place on 10th September at 7:30 at Cyprus Room, Salvation House,  2 Sterling Court, off Mundells. The public can attend, but as the letter says, not participate.

The letter about this is here: Instictif Bericot letter Sep 2014

A letter from Bidwells showing the revised plans for the development and how it satifies the criticisms made of the previous application, can be read here (This is a 10mb pdf file).

Panshanger People offers this information to keep residents informed as to whats happening on this matter._____________________________

Previously, November 2013:

The proposal by Quantum Care to build a care home on the green at Bericot Way has been reworked and is now being promoted by a London PR company called Green Issues. They have recently held two events at the Fairway to promote the revised scheme and ask for feedback on it for local residents. The first application was rejected by Herts County Council who own the green on Bericot Way, they have modified the scheme based on feedback received and are keen to feedback from residents before that apply once again for planning consent.

Quantum Care is a not for profit company with it’s HQ in Watchmead, you can find out more about the here:

You can download the brochure presented at the recent event here: Quantum Care Bericot plans

There doesn’t appear to be any way to comment online about the proposal but this form with details of how to comment was given out at the event, Comments-page.pdf.  You can post in the form (so last century!) or email the address given on the form which is:

Comments have to be in by Nov 29th, not far off.

Note: At the event they were saying that the design of the rear of the building as shown in the brochure would be changed to be more like the front of the building. This to make it fit in better with the exisiting nearby houses.

The original form sent out to householders:

Letter to householders
Letter to householders