Panshanger Pics & Video

This section of the site is dedicated to local pictures and video’s of our area. A few are posted to get things started, if you have any pictures you want to share, or video clips, please get in touch via the site.

Recently, long time Panshanger resident Bruce Piggott had the county council’s contractors outside his home extending the pavement. He decided to film the whole thing and put a well edited time lapse video with music on the Internet,  it’s well worth a watch. If you haven’t spotted the location it’s just by the Spar shop in Daniells.

The pavement gets extended after 23 years (turn on your speakers for the full effect):


The bluebells are are currently out in the woods around Moneyhole Park,  here are a few pictures taken on bank holiday Monday. A grass snake, about four foot long, was also seen among the flowers but moved too fast to allow a picture to be taken!

Bluebells in May 2 sm

A squirrel lurks behind.

A squirrel lurks behind

Bluebells in May 1 sm

Bluebells in May 4 sm

Your pictures can be displayed here, particularly of the countryside surrounding the airfield.