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Campaigning can cost money. Printing, venue hire, equipment etc often costs and we are a voluntary local group with very limited resources. More funding would help organise more events and raise greater awareness of the issues facing  Panshanger. Most importantly as the Core Strategy and Local Plan saga moves towards its conclusion we will likely need all the funds we can muster to put up a good case on behalf of existing Panshanger residents. We are a legitimate civil society group with a treasurer, constitution, and group bank account.

We are currently funding expert reports in relation to the future of the airfield. These are costing several thousand pounds and we don’t have the funds to meet the entire cost out of existing funds. Any donations towards this are encouraged, no matter how small, thank you.

If you are willing and able to make a donation to our cause, for whatever amount,  it will be gratefully received and put to good use supporting our campaign work.  Our bank details are:

Nationwide (WGC Branch)Beneficiary Account Name: Panshanger PeopleSort Code: 070093
 Bank Account Number: 33333334

Please quote the following reference when making an online payment or the funds will be returned to payer: 0614704207743

Please email us if you have further questions about this.

Thank you.