About Us

We are a local group formed in 2013 out of opposition to the council’s planning proposals for Panshanger. The main focus of the group at the moment is to make sure that the plan to build 700 or more homes in Panshanger is roundly challenged. Group members are convinced that there are many questions to be asked as to the due diligence undertaken and subsequent robustness of this proposal. There are also open questions around procedural issues, particularly the decision making around opting for only two broad locations for growth in the borough, when several more were identified as viable and available by the council’s own survey teams.

Since 2009 there have been three public consultations about the site, with a fourth due this summer (2016). Despite much objections the council’s proposals for the site have remained unchanged.  The land owners, Mariposa and the government agency, the HCA, are now developing a plan with up to 1000 houses and no airfield. The council have also asked them to include a gypsy and traveller site in their plans, so we are told by the council. There is no other local group seeking the best for Panshanger residents in all this, please do support us to make sure our great corner of Welwyn Garden City has a sustainable future.

Panshanger People public meeting 17th May

One of our previous public meetings.

Panshanger People will not be a one trick pony though! We also intend to spread good news and information concerning Panshanger, we will also be pro-active in making sure that Panshanger gets a good deal from the council and other service providers. In the course of talking to literally hundreds of residents in recent weeks there is a view that although our area is large, we don’t have much of a voice at the town hall (Campus East & West). Most importantly, if you would like to get involved, or have suggestions for issues and concerns that you think we should look at please get in touch via email or our contact page. We hope to be inclusive of everyone living in Panshanger, and we hope that with a bit of combined civic pride and enthusiasm we can make Panshanger an even better place to live.

Please contact us through our contact us page, if only so we can add your name to our email address list and count you as a supporter of this locally driven initiative.

The Panshanger People committee members are:

  • Will Davis (Chair)
  • Paul Matthews (Secretary)
  • Chris Andrews (Treasurer)
  • Ann Berridge
  • David Barber
  • Emma Kern
  • Gary O’Leary
  • Jane Quinton
  • Janet Hayden
  • Kevin Keogh

We welcome your feedback and comments to our contact page.

Our constitution can be viewed here:   Panshanger People Constitution.