This is the website site for the Panshanger People residents group in Welwyn Garden City. The group came about as an opposition to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Emerging Core Strategy which seeks to place an additional 700 homes on the green space in and around the long-standing Panshanger Aerodrome.

Our key objectives are:

  •  To challenge the current proposals to build 700 new homes in Panshanger on the airfield and open land at the end of the airstrip (Hillyfields Meadow)

  • To question the necessity of any incursions into the Green Belt surrounding Panshanger, to challenge and object where appropriate.

  • To conserve the local habitat and the environment, and to challenge any land use changes instigated by WHBC or HCC that would have an adverse impact

  • To offer an effective voice for residents who wish to make their views known to Borough and County Council officers and representatives

  •  To inform residents of, and provide challenges to, any proposals for Panshanger that may not be in their best interests

We encourage all those who share our objectives to send their email address to us through the box on the right, or through our Contact Us page. We will then include you on emails about the group’s activities. Your  email address will not be shared with anyone else. We are an independent  non political community group.

Below are a few maps of our area, click to enlarge:

The area generally accepted to be Panshanger by local residents ( Not a political ward map).


Panshanger and Welwyn Garden City
Welwyn Garden City just after WW2. Panshanger as we know it is open fields, but the Panshanger House estate can be seen on the right (Now the Lafarge quarry).

The above map also shows the old railway branch line to Hertford which ran until the late 1960’s, although in latter years not for passenger trains. Older residents may remember the level crossing at the bottom of  Ridgeway where the Attimore pub now sits.  There is a lot more on this line at the Herts Memories website here, including some fine old audio clips. At that time only Peartree and Woodhall exisited to the east side of Welwyn Garden City.


The orange shaded area on this map is the current council ward of Panshanger, you can see that quite a number of houses physically in Panshanger are outside of the ward area. They mostly fall into Haldens ward.

You can also see that the entire site for the proposed 700 homes site does fall within the Panshanger ward.

Why not bookmark this page now. If you have comments or suggestions for the site you are most welcome to contact us.